Dear Resident,

I’m running for election because City Council has failed you.

Menlo Park is at a crossroads. Instead of the vibrant, resident-friendly downtown our community envisioned, incumbent Councilmembers are poised to turn El Camino Real into a monolithic Office Park.  Instead of the expected mix of uses (restaurants, retail, hotels, housing, office), flaws in the new Specific Plan have opened the door to mega office projects that will leave our downtown sterile on nights and weekends. El Camino Real’s already terrible peak-hour traffic congestion will worsen, forcing even more cut-through traffic into neighborhoods.

In 2012, over my objections, Councilmembers Kirsten Keith, Richard Cline, and Peter Ohtaki (all currently running for re-election) voted to DOUBLE the zoning density along El Camino Real without requiring ANY commensurate public amenities — a gift to developers.  If elected, I’ll work to fix this gaping loophole and restore the City’s ability to rein in unbalanced and out-of-character development.

We are in a battle for the soul of Menlo Park. Vote for a councilmember who will stand up for YOUR interests, not just those of big developers.

Thanks for your support!

— Kelly

Kelly Fergusson is a fighter for our neighborhoods. Kelly’s character and commitment to our community are impressive — I urge you to support of her.”

— Lucile B. Spurlock, Civic Leader, Trees for Menlo

“There is no  better champion for our small businesses than Kelly Fergusson.  Kepler’s would not be alive today if  it weren’t for the support of Kelly and the community.”

— Clark Kepler



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